Drum Pulley Rubber Lagging

Perfect Technical Services Pulley Lagging can be done in place, on site, at your local distributor or at the pulley manufacturer depending on the convenience and requirement. Conveyor Belt when slips cause significant damage to the drive pulley and the belt. Such damages are not only expensive to repair, but also time consuming and cause enormous loss due to down time. The life span of a conveyor system primarily depends on its being suitably equipped for the specific application and the standard of servicing and maintenance. The conveyor systems often have to perform in the rnost difficult conditions. For example rain and sludge, which cause slippage between the conveyor belt and pulleys because of the friction co-efficient between the two going down very low. Pulley Laggings, with specially developed rubber materials and their patterned surfaces have proved to be very effective in water shedding, preventing material build up and controlling belt slippage.

  • Improved drive performance, increased conveyor belt and pulley life- Reliable and economical pulley lagging.
  • Reduces wear from abrasive materials.
  • Prevents belt slippage by increasing the coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and the pulley.
  • Creates a self-cleaning action on the pulley surface and prevents the buildup of transported bulk material, water, snow or ice.